Leather or Crystal?

By tradition, the third anniversary is marked with leather. The modern list calls for crystal. Since the change from September to October marks the third anniversary of this blog, I think the occasion calls for me to treat myself. So which way do I go?

Maybe it will help – or not – to reflect on the process and what I have gained from three years of blogging. I list a few in no particular order except as they come to mind:
•    Responses – sometimes with rebuttals – from friends, sisters, children, and especially grandchildren
•    New friendships as followers now include a friend of a sister and friends of friends
•    Renewed contact and conversations with former students
•    Getting to tell old stories with no eye-rolling that I can actually see
•    Sharing books I have read and loved
•    Unexpected conversational exchanges with references to the blog from people I did not know were reading it – especially like the one who told me she had forwarded one of them to her daughter

So how do I choose? The list has not helped my dilemma. I’ll just go with my obsessions. I have more crystal than I like to wash from purchases when we lived in or traveled to Europe and gifts of various kinds. You can see it in the picture. I will forego a picture of my shoe closet since you might question the rest of my reasoning. One can never have too many shoes. I’ve decided this anniversary calls for a trip to the shoe store!

I begin my fourth year with gratitude for the opportunity to say what I’m thinking. You may read or not; roll your eyes or not; share it or not. I take pleasure all the same of thinking of you as I write and hope my words trigger your mind to some thoughts of your own.