Ready, Set, Celebrate!

Since this is my birthday, I have only one thing on my “To Do” list – my customary Monday greeting to my regular [and occasional] loyal blog readers. I’m prepared to celebrate another wonderful year past and to anticipate the one ahead for the rest of the day. I have my Almond Joy bag, a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, and the first two books in Deborah Wiles trilogy.

I requested our library to purchase these books that are getting a lot of chatter among book lovers – Countdown published in 2010 and Revolution that came out this year. I love the Oak Grove public librarians! They bought the books and had them shelved face out the next time I came to the library. I checked them out.

The following week, buzz began as Revolution made the longlist for the National Book Award! I’ve even heard it mentioned in Newbery speculations, but it will still come second. I’m reading them in order.

Will I get the candy eaten, the puzzle completed, and the books read today? Probably not. It might have to be a week-long celebration, but I’m starting right now!