Writing Rule # 4

Rule 4: Change your writing location to spark creativity.

To be honest, I didn’t come up with this rule, but I love it. Kimberly Willis Holt suggested it at a writers’ conference. A different view seems to uncover some kaleidoscopic spark in the gloomy gray matter of the brain.

With cool fall temperatures that allow me to be outside, I am ready with my new location on the patio swing and an excellent view. I’ve inventoried my supplies:
•    Glass of iced tea – check
•    Cup of very sharp pencils – check
•    Cup of highlighters and various colored pens – check
•    Long legal college ruled writing pad – check
•    Revision file folders – check

My view of lantana and goldenrod fans that spark into flame, so you’ll please excuse me if I cut this blog short and get after those rewrites while the fire is still burning.