Butler B & B

Good advice – never try to give instruction to a hummingbird. As Mama always said, “You might as well save your breath to cool your broth.”

However, I would like to ignore my own recommendation and give some tips to these creatures who must have seen a sign in the skyway – “Good eats at the Butler B & B.” Al and I have tried to count those at the feeder outside my office window. We did well until they got past seven, and then it became iffy. How many were in the crepe myrtle waiting a turn? Did we count the one hovering on the left before he moved to the right? Oops, there come two more who were out of sight. And another who just flew in from the lantana. Anyway, there are at least a dozen – we think.

Here are the helpful hints I’d like to give them.

(1) You are doing a better job at waiting for a turn than some hummingbirds I’ve seen. Still, when you decide to chase each other away, neither of you is getting something to eat.

(2) You could also have a little pity and share with that Gulf Fritillary Butterfly who tries to sneak in for a sip.

(3) There is a second feeder on the back patio frequented by one or two hummingbirds. You would get a turn there much sooner.

(4) Watch where you’re going. Flying into the wall full speed ahead could get you a concussion. And the next time you get your bill hung in the window screen, you might not get out so quickly.

(5) Relax and enjoy your all-day-dinner. There’s more sugar water where that came from.

(6) If you would hold still and say “cheese,” I could get a better picture for my blog.

Obviously, these distractions are not helping my efforts at getting some serious writing done, especially that cute little one with his back to me shaking his tail and whirling his feathers. But in spite of the disruption of my attention and the birds’ unwillingness to heed my words of wisdom, I would add a line if I could to that sign in the hummingbird skyway, “Open 24/7. All are welcome.”