Brian, our national parks tour guide, caught himself halfway through the word “tunnel” and moved on to describe the rest of our morning, but I heard. I’m assuming he’s had those on other trips who were fearful of tunnels. In this case, the only way into Zion National Park was through what he called a “practice tunnel” and then a longer one. His plan seemed to involve not letting us know until we were trapped and moving on the bus. By that time, the tunnel could not be escaped.

I used my new tricube pattern to describe it. (In case you need a reminder, it is 3 syllables per line x 3 lines per stanza x 3 stanzas = 1 tricube.)

Dark tunnel

Up ahead



Black as night

How far through?

Proceed in.


Facing fear

Quickest way

To the light.


Truth is Brian was just having a little fun with his travelers. He went on to point out occasional small windows to peer outside or take a picture as we passed through the darkness.

Should we have chosen to let our fear win out, what could we have missed? Only this: