Clouds - Again

A long week of rain has made me rash

Sending me to my photo stash.

Sunnier pictures from some time ago

When I needed the world to slow.

The clouds recalled childhood with a friend

When we watched, playing just pretend.

 What do you see in this fluffy stack?

A turtle with cotton balls piled on his back

 What could this scattering mean to you?

Fish in the sea with a shark coming through

 How about this one causing suspense?

Will the dog on the left leap over the fence?

My cries, “Enough water,” are to no avail

And conjure this mermaid set to sail

I hope her farewell comes without fail

As she blows a kiss and waves her tail.


So there you have it. This is what happens when my brain gets waterlogged. Sun is promised for Wednesday.