Fifth Anniversary

For five years, I’ve been writing this blog twice a week with one exception for a trip to England with my sister, talking a lot about reading and suggesting some good books, and doing very little arithmetic – just as I promised. I looked it up to see what was proper for celebrating a fifth anniversary. The list said wood is traditional and silverware is modern. Now, I’m not sure which planet these list makers are coming from. It seems to me that modern young people are much less concerned with silverware than those of earlier generations often preferring paper plates and plastic forks, but who am I to argue?

We’ll just move on to how I’d like to celebrate. I don’t need any new stuff to add to the clutter already in my house so I will just address the usefulness of the silver or wood I already own to the process that has produced my writing.

I did get some silverware when I married and used it on occasion in the early days. Do you know that stuff needs a lot of polishing? As years rolled along, both the polishing and the use faded in popularity in the Butler household, resulting in the mess you see here. Every time I get energetic and polish it, I make a soon-broken resolution not to let it get in this condition again. The only effect it ever has on my writing is taking time away. I think it will not be part of this celebration.  

Wood, on the other hand, gives daily service with an added layer of sentiment. The double desk, built by Al, graced the room shared by two sons as they were growing up. The lap desk was a gift from my oldest son who has a degree in journalism and gives me encouragement to continue putting words on paper. The table sat in the kitchen in front of the wood stove of the family home where my mother and her five siblings grew up. My sister and I spent a hot summer day sweating while we took off layers of paint and gook to find the beautiful wood underneath.

So on this fifth anniversary, I think I’ll celebrate by taking turns working at the three wood writing places with thankfulness for the family connections they bring and for the readers who have encouraged me to continue writing.