Hummingbird Harangue

Okay, you hummers, listen up! You waste too much time chasing each other off the feeders. Two feeders hang at this house – the red one in the front and the multi-colored one in the back. Each has four feeding stations. Count them and do the math – a total of eight. I’ve never seen more than three of you at a time at either feeder. There is room for everybody.

Neither do you have to sit on the alert when you are the only one at the feeder. All the time you have your head up watching for an invader is time that could be spent enjoying the flavorful sugar water I have prepared for your feeders.

Which brings me to another point, have you ever known the feeders to run out of the tasty treat? I have plenty of sugar and plenty of water. Before your stock is exhausted, I have always refilled your supply.

Not that I see it often, but you would enjoy your meals much better if you would do as these last two hummingbirds have done when they’ve taken a place across from each other, sipping nectar to their hearts’ content. If I’m not mistaken, one of them said, “Mmm, good!” and the other answered, “You, betcha!”

If you could only reason as humans do and take a lesson on the joy that comes from sharing what you have with your neighbor instead of fearfully hoarding your possessions, keeping them for yourself.

Wait, did I just miss something in this last paragraph?