Shrimp, Limericks, and Bad Luck

One bit of technology that I love is the ability to record TV shows and watch them later, fast-forwarding through commercials and things that have no interest. CBS Sunday Morning is a regular on my list. I may zip through celebrity profiles of no appeal, but I always slow down for two items that come at the end. I love their nature segment, and I always like to see what is significant for each day of the coming week, although I pick and choose which of those I find worth marking.

This past Sunday brought three that I thought worthy of my attention. It seems that Tuesday was Shrimp Day. I marked my calendar with a reason for treating myself to strawberry salad with shrimp for lunch. Thanks CBS for the alert!

Thursday was national limerick day in honor of the 204th anniversary of Edward Lear. It brought back memories of being in trouble with Mama for repeating one I’d read in Children’s Digest and embarrassing her in public. Since I hate people who allude to things without telling the whole story, here it is:

There once was a man from Black Heath,
Who sat on his set of false teeth.
He cried with a start,
“Oh, Lord, bless my heart.
I have bitten myself underneath.”

I think the disturbance it caused implanted it permanently in my memory.

I thought I’d add a limerick of my own in honor of the occasion. I'm hoping Mama would not object to this one.

There once was a scribbler I’m told
Submitting her writing so bold.
Enduring rejection,
She saved her affection
For replies that came back with “Sold!”

Which brings me to today - Friday, the thirteenth. I basically skip over the superstition. I recommend  discounting the omen of the thirteenth in favor of having some shrimp while you write a limerick.