Winter Days


Winter Day

Bright and clear with

Stark trees of filigree lace

Against cloud-scampering,

Blue-jeweled sky –

An inviting hoax –

Bitter cold sends me inside.



Winter Day

 Gloomy and gray with

Bare trees of ominous lace

Against rain-clouded

Shrouded heavens –

A clear warning –

Raw rain keeps me inside.


Winter Days

Made for roaring fires,

Hot chocolate, a good book,

Anticipating spring

As time draws near

For Punxsutawney Phil,

Forecasting the end of winter chill.


February 2

Squeezing a way into

Iowa caucuses,

Phil makes the news,

Seeing no shadow,

Predicting early spring.

Amid the cheers,

The anchor notes

His accuracy – 31%.


Winter Days

Good times –

Stoke the fire.

Drop a marshmallow in my cocoa.

Slide in finger at the bookmark.


Spring will come when it is ready.