Mad About Monday

Call me an oddball. Oh, you already did? Well, if you want to have another go at it, let me give you some ammunition.

A few days ago, I was wandering through some of the stuff that one of my beloved daughters-in-law has promised to put out on the side of the road in a stretch Hefty bag when I die. (An event we are not planning any time soon.) Lest you have bad thoughts for the daughter-in-law, the pile of stuff means little to anybody except me so she’ll be doing the rest of the family a favor to get rid of it – and I won’t care. She is going to wait until I die – I think.

As I plundered, I ran across a statement in a long ago letter to my parents, “Monday turned out like Mondays do here – one day I’ll write a letter devoted to Mondays!” As far as I know, I never got around to writing that letter so I’m making up for it by praising Monday in my blog.

You see, I actually like Mondays. I did when I was teaching. I loved starting a new week with fresh ideas for what my students would learn and experience. (They might have told you I came with innovative means of torture. They are free to write their own rebuttals.) Now I follow a weekend routine saving Saturdays for laundry, writing business, and a modicum of housework and Sundays for church, reading, and relaxation. This means by Monday morning, I’m ready to get back to work on something new and creative or a good rewrite.

If that is not enough weirdness, let me add that my favorite time of day is 5 AM. Before you groan, just think about it. Nobody calls you on the phone at 5 AM. Nobody rings the doorbell at 5 AM. Truthfully, I think few people know that 5 AM is a real hour in the day. Even my husband sleeps right through it. Peace and quiet reigns with no demands from anybody since nobody else is up. I frequently get more words on paper or in the computer between 5 and 7 than I do during the combined hours of the rest of the day. As a bonus, a frequent treat is a beautiful sunrise. Another little known fact because few people are up to see it: sunrises are even more beautiful than sunsets.

I know many of you have looked forward to today because it’s Friday, and Fridays are good in their own way. After all, it’s only three days until Monday comes again.