Oddly Superstitious Day

Full disclosure – I didn’t notice this myself. Charles Osgood pointed it out on last week’s CBS Sunday Morning. Writing today’s date numerically gets you a sequential odd set of numbers – 11/13/15. To top it off, it’s Friday the thirteenth! I’ve been thinking all week about how to celebrate this odd day by doing something different, even if it doesn’t qualify as weird. They say (and you know what authorities “they” are) that changing from routine to novelty exercises the brain, and mine definitely could use a workout. I scrutinized several choices and discarded them.

We could do our morning walk at the mall clockwise instead of counterclockwise. Not a choice. Al is a creature of habit and not into novelty. He also believes that counterclockwise is The Right Way to walk.

I could try writing with my left hand – one of the chosen exercises “they” recommend. Not a choice. I sometimes have trouble deciphering my writing with my dominant hand once it’s gotten cold. I’m sure I couldn’t read anything I wrote with my left.

So for now, I’ll keep it minor. We always have hamburgers on Saturday night. We’ll be away for supper tomorrow night so I think we’ll have them tonight instead, and I’ll try to remember not to go to church tomorrow though it will feel like Sunday.

I could leave the bed unmade. Also not a choice. I can live with dust and clutter and would win no prizes for housekeeping, but there is something about an unmade bed that seriously disturbs my psyche.

As for the superstitions, if I run into a black cat and break a mirror while crossing under a ladder with my umbrella up inside on this Friday the thirteenth, I’ll just snap the wishbone on last night’s chicken, pick up any penny I find, cross my fingers, knock on wood, and hope for some beginner’s luck.