Dog Gone, Back Soon

Sometimes I don’t want to be inspired. I don’t want a greater understanding of the world. I don’t want to learn anything. I don’t want to figure out themes or motifs. I don’t want to admire the beauty of the language or the turn of phrase. All of those are worthy goals for a reader that I enjoy most of the time, but sometimes . . . .

Dog Gone, Back Soon by Nick Trout omits all of these. I will not impress any of my intellectual associates with my highbrow reading as I mention having read it in a book discussion. Some days, I need to read without having any particular purpose. It’s kind of like making a regular habit of enjoying healthy meat, potatoes, and green vegetables prepared in a tasty way – all well and good and pleasurable – but now and then, needing to have pie.

Fun stuff is found between the covers of the book – or on the pages of the Kindle. There’s a bit of the prodigal come home as Dr. Cyrus Mills returns to his roots to rescue his father’s family style veterinary practice against the big box chain trying to move in. There’s a little mystery and a touch of romance with a touch of politics thrown in for good measure. Animal lovers will enjoy following Dr. Mills as he unravels the strange illnesses running through the four-legged community. All of it is laced with a sense of humor.

So what did I get for reading this book? Not much but an afternoon of pleasure – enhanced by that porch swing and rain on the roof that I mentioned in my last blog.