The Mark of the Dragonfly

For the scrapper child Piper and for the reader, questions abound in The Mark of the Dragonfly by Jaleigh Johnson.
•    Does Piper dare stay out during the meteor storm in order to beat the other scrappers to the best finds to sell?
•    Why are two horse-drawn wagons breaking the rules by being out during the meteor shower?
•    Will her friend Micah survive after being hit by flying debris from the storm-tossed caravan?
•    Who is Anna and why was she traveling on the caravan?
•    Why does Anna have the mark of the green dragonfly indicating protection by Aron, king of the dragonfly territories?
•    If Piper helps Anna, will this bring her a huge reward or will it help the enemy who caused her father’s death?
•    Why can’t Anna remember her past and who she is?
•    Why does the sarnun Reanoll give Piper the prediction, “You should know if you abandon her, she will certainly die.”
•    What does mysterious sarnun mean when she says “I sense the reward you will receive for helping the child get to Noveen will be greater than anything you can imagine”? And what is the danger for Piper and Anna if she follows through as Reanoll adds, “It will also be so horrifying to you. Neither of you will be able to stand it”?
•    Who should Piper trust? – Gee, the green-eyed boy guarding the entrance to Train 401; Trimble, the fireman; its conductor Jeyne; the sarnun Reanoll, or the man who claims to be Anna’s father.

Getting me involved in reading fantasy is a challenge. My preference is historical fiction, biography, or realistic contemporary fiction. Yet I found myself reading “just one more chapter” more than once before I could bring myself to turn out the bedside lamp, recalling the 9-12 year old girl in me that has never quite gone away.

As for the questions, they were all answered to my satisfaction except the one about Micah. It seemed a loose green thread left hanging. Perhaps Ms. Johnson is coming back with a sequel to take care of him.