Advice Not Taken

Not!A distillation of advice I’ve heard for conference attendees is, “Listen to everything, consider advice carefully, keep what works for you, and feel free to discard the rest.” Come to think of it, that’s not a bad plan for life as well, but I diverge.

Deborah Underwood’s topic at the SCBWI conference in Los Angeles was “The Power of Quiet.” She emphasized the importance of quiet for the creative person. I listened and agreed with much of what she said, knowing that good ideas often come with my mind unoccupied while my hands are busy in the garden. [They also come sometimes during Sunday sermons, but that’s another story.]

Then Deborah made a proposal that almost sent me screaming from the room. She suggested that we sit on the edge of the bed for twenty minutes doing absolutely nothing. Talk about torture! I can’t even watch TV without busywork in my hands! That part of the advice careened directly into the discard pile. Maybe it will work for someone who’s a little less frenetic.

But since I am in need of a new idea, I think I’ll go out and pull a few weeds.