Candles . . . Quilts . . . Books

The candle connection metaphor began for me with friend Martha Ginn’s fiber art quilt presentation. She pointed out the proliferation of candles and quilts, both necessities in days gone by, now used in homes for beauty and atmosphere.

Coincidentally, I came home to read Roger Sutton’s editorial in the May/June 2012 Horn Book Magazine. He used a comparison, which he in turn borrowed from Eli Neiburger, of book publishing as being akin to the candle industry. He says both candles and books are utilitarian as well as glamorous; may be the center of attention or shine light on something else; may be life-saving or dangerous; and frequently one serves to light another. He points out that with candles and printed books, we can still read if the lights go out forever.

I’ve enjoyed personalizing Martha’s and Roger’s metaphor. I have a drawer that holds candles for emergencies if the power goes out and seasonal ones for decoration. A heritage of quilts, many lovingly stitched by ladies in rural churches as gifts for my parents, provide cover for a good night’s sleep or hang beautifully from my husband’s handmade quilt rack. Assorted stacks of books occupy my house, some needing to be read and others awaiting free time fun reading.

And I’m thinking if the lights go out on a cold winter’s night, it’s not going to be that bad. I can always light a candle and read a good book snuggled up in one of those quilts.