Perfect Timing

I love it when time brings things together in the proper order.

•    Having heard about her for some time from our mutual friend Kimberly Willis Holt, I first met Rebecca Kai Dotlich at the April 2012 Kaigler Children’s Book Festival. I fell in love with her voice and poetry. [See my “Pocket Poem” blog.]
•    My newest grandchild, Benjamin Taylor Butler, was born on August 18, 2012.
•    Rebecca’s new picture book What Can a Crane Pick Up? was released in September 2012 – a perfect fit for a little boy.
•    With a bit of arranging between us, I received a signed copy for Benjamin in the mail from her on October 11.
•    On October 25, I will be flying up for my first visit with him bringing his first book with an author signature. Perfect timing!

Her signature is apropos to both the book and the boy. “Hello, Ben! Here’s your 1st signed book to “BUILD” your library!”

Having the long held opinion that a child is never too young for books, I’m figuring he’ll enjoy the music of the words and the colors of the pictures while I rock him now. As he gets older, he’ll enjoy the poetry and humor. An added bonus for his parents is that the book will be one they are willing to read over and over – as he will surely request.

If you happen to be looking for a fun book for a kid, you need look no further. [Girls will like it, too!]