A Bit of Baylor 'Rithmetic

Photo courtesy of daughter-in-law Steph ButlerI did promise that this blog wouldn’t have much ‘rithmetic, but some things need to be told in figures – especially after a successful Baylor Bears football season – so here are just a few numbers.

2 – number of sons who graduated from the school

3 – as in Robert Griffin the third, Heisman trophy winning quarterback

3 – number of “twins” wearing Baylor shirts – actually cousins, one from each of my children’s children who labeled themselves “The Three Twins” two years ago when they got the first set of shirts

8 – rushing touchdowns by Baylor, tying the bowl record

8 – the number of years during which I deposited my paycheck – only to forward most of the money to Baylor [Al’s check covered mundane things like groceries.]

12 – total rushing touchdowns, a tie with Texas Tech and Air Force in the 1995 Copper Bowl for the most ever

10 – number of Butler family members watching with varying intensity to the Alamo Bowl, including one who kept an eagle eye out to be sure none of the players stepped in “the white space”Find the Baylor grads by looking for bald guys.

123 – total points scored during regulation play, a record in bowl history

1,397 – a bowl record for total offense, bettering the previous record by 186 yards

Immeasurable – the total lack of defense by both teams

Many more – our hopes for the number of successful Baylor Bear football seasons

Invaluable – watching the Alamo Bowl Game with the two Baylor graduate sons and their families as Baylor defeated Washington by a score of 67-56

                                                      Sic ‘em, Bears!