Missing Normal? - Not Me

The theme of “not normal” extended through my recent birthday. It began with a card from my oldest son’s family. The outside said, “Ever noticed how in every family there’s one person who’s shockingly normal?” The inside said, “We should get ourselves one of those.” One abnormality may be that our family always eschews sentiment in favor of a good laugh for birthday cards.

In the late afternoon, my daughter’s birthday gift was delivered – Shel Silverstein’s new Everything On It. Now I’m pretty sure that normal people with college-aged grandchildren don’t expect the latest Shel Silverstein for a present. But Anna knew the spot on the bookcase where I kept my second grade teaching favorites Where the Sidewalk Ends and A Light in the Attic. The spot was missing the end of the trilogy, and she likes completion.

The end of the theme came in a card from my sister Beth (the one who used to be a pest). The front said, “Return with us to that fateful day when the doctor who delivered you said to your mother…” The inside said, “Look, lady, I just deliver ‘em. I don’t explain ‘em.” Beth added her own comment, “And we are still looking for an explanation.” (I told you she was a pest.)

My conclusion is that I don’t miss normal one whit. Normal people with AARP cards aren’t chuckling over APPLE WITH ONE BITE MISSING and THE LOVETOBUTCANTS. Now if I can just locate a second grader to share the fun…