Many reasons brought me to Moo, the choice for today’s book review:

Cow 2.jpg
  • It is national poetry month.

  • The book is written in verse.

  • The author is Sharon Creech.

  • It features a cow, and you may remember I am a dairy farmer’s granddaughter. 

  • It is set in Maine where we had a delightful vacation with our youngest son, daughter-in-law, and two grandsons.

As I read, I found other connections to myself at Reena’s age:

  • A family where Disrespectful is not a good word.

  • A mother with a more than necessary interest in eccentric lonely old ladies.

  • Parents who volunteered their children to “help” (see item above) without consulting the said children.  

You may not have all those things pulling you to this book, but what if I tell you the story involves a complete change for a family – total career changes for the parents, a move from an urban home in New York City to the rural countryside in Maine, and a change of attire for Reena and her brother Luke into sturdy canvas overalls, long-sleeve denim shirts, tall black rubber boots and thick suede rubber gloves. 

Sharon Creech adds a visual element as she intersperses her free verse in this delightful novel with several styles of type; various renderings of moo, mooo, mooooooooo; and concrete poems such as the following that introduces the reader to the task ahead for Reena and Luke: 

Cow 1.jpg

If any of these appeal to you or if you just like to read a good well-told story, hurry on down to your library or local independent book store and ask them to get it for you.