Weather Delay

Weather 2.jpg

The long Saturday morning To-Do list was well underway. Coffee was ready to turn on and biscuit making equipment spread across the counter awaiting the sound of Al’s stirring before I started breakfast. The first load of wash spun in the washer. Heavy winds swallowed my plan when the electricity cut off. 

Al got up shortly thereafter and walked out to the patio to survey the limbs and branches on the lawn that he had spent a good bit of time cleaning up this last week and came back in almost immediately to show me what he had found. 

It seems that we were not the only ones with changed plans in a weather delay. The patio was filled with fleeing earthworms who had chosen a bad place for refuge. Right in the middle of them was a turtle who realized he had found breakfast and saw nothing wrong with playing with his food. We watched him drag a worm a short piece and then snatch him back and forth before taking a taste. He appeared to be having a ball. The worms not so much.

Weather 1.jpg

When my youngest grandson was asked on my recent birthday to name good things about Grandma, one of them was, “She likes bugs and worms.” He is right about that. The electricity eventually came back on, and the wash was done. I can say with confidence that the biscuits with butter and blackberry jam were tastier than the turtle’s earthworm. Yet, even if I had finished every item on the To-Do list, I’m pretty sure the best part of my Saturday happened in the weather delay.