The Boss


Like many a leader, The Boss and his sidekick begin orders with “you need to” statements so there is no question about who needs to follow orders. The dark glasses may indicate how serious it would be to disobey. Normally, I am not considered a submissive person (one sister even claims I am bossy), but I acquired a supervisor without realizing it when I volunteered for preschool aftercare for a grandson this year. 

His commands have included:

·     You need to put the hand soap right here so I can reach it. 

·     You need to get some more bananas. You just have one left.

·     You need to put another log on the fire. 

·     You need to not put a fire in the fireplace on Christmas Eve because Santa might burn his feet. 

Now this boss is easier to live with than some. If I counter his orders with an explanation of why I am not obeying, his response is either “Oh!” or “Okay.” 

Evidently his kindergarten big brother, on Christmas holiday, feels a need to add other instruction:

·     You really need to buy Netflix. 

·     You need to make some more chocolate covered cherries to take to my house.

However, lest you get any ideas thinking you can easily control my behavior, reread the first paragraph and take into consideration the relationship of my new supervisor and his cohort. Unless you are a grandchild, forget any ideas you might have that you can tell me what to do.