Unreal World of Imagination

Gas tank 2.jpg

Two little boys moved to Hattiesburg two years ago and have taken me back to the Unreal World of Imagination that seems to be lost to most adults. They build a world and tell me what my role is and often what I need to say. Car seats with their backs on the floor are positioned for a couple of astronauts to blast off into space. I fill the gas tanks on their big wheels with unreal fuel, and they pay me a hundred unreal dollars, or maybe a gazillion if they are feeling generous. 


Frequently, I am taken by surprise into this world. The latest involved an art project that I once did with kindergarten children and thought they would enjoy. If you fold construction paper, cut it just right, and decorate it properly, you have a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. That was as far as I went, but not the boys. Owen followed all the instructions, named his Casey, and was finished with that project.

A rising kindergartener, Benjamin needed me to spell “George” so he could write the name on his caterpillar/butterfly, maybe so the creature could remember who he was. For the rest of the visit, George accompanied us wherever we went, even taking a rather precarious ride on the big wheel. Benjamin made sure George was not left behind when they went home. The next day, their mother sent a picture of George reclining in the lounge chair by the pool watching the boys swim, suitably attired in sunglasses!


Benjamin started to public school this week, joining a multitude of other children. It is my wish for all of them that they have teachers who do a fine job of imparting real world skills of reading, writing, and even arithmetic. [In spite of the tone of my blog title, I’m in favor of math. I just don’t find it that interesting to write about.] I hope that their teachers will also take them on fantastic voyages into the Unreal World of Imagination.