Y'all Come!


The invitation was universal. It covered tomorrow, next week, whenever you happen to be passing; covered you, your children, your elderly parents, your crazy Aunt Martha, your weird cousin Joe; covered with or without a specific invitation. I can hear it now from the door as we left the door of country people – or they left from ours. Now, I issue my own invitation to my remodeled website. 

I set up my website and wrote my first blog on September 30, 2011, and it seems time for an update. I’ve made a few promises along the way, the first in the title of the blog that there would be readin’, ritin’, but not much ‘rithmetic. Truthfully, it’s not that I have anything against arithmetic since it has many uses even to me. I just find it boring since if you add, subtract, multiply, or divide the same numbers, you will always get the same answer – at least if you do it right. Words, on the other hand, can be arranged in a number of ways and come up with entirely different things. True to my promise, I think there have seldom been more than two or three times a year when numbers have played a significant part in my blog.

I promised to keep to a twice a week blog and settled soon on Mondays and Fridays. I broke that vow only once with a warning ahead of time when I made a trip to England with my sister’s choir and the blog posting was inaccessible. 

I’ve promised not to do negative book reviews. If I don’t like a book, I will discuss it with you in private, but my posts are for books I find value or pleasure in. I do this because I know the effort writers put into their work, and I feel no need to disparage something that may just not fit my taste.

So, here’s the invitation. The new website is up. I invite you to click the items in the green strip at the top and roam around at www.virginiamcgeebutler.com and see if you know me as well as you thought you did. 

Y’all come. Y’hear.