More Than Enough

If the stockings were all –

Ma and Pa

            The parents, then grandparents, and now great-grandparents 

            Of great-grandchildren they never knew       

            Names my husband, the first son-in-law, called my parents

            After four daughters, Daddy’s wait for a son over

Al and VA

            The parents and now grandparents

            Only a few days ago, it seems,

            A young couple starting out

Murray and Steph with Lauren, Brittany, and Jack

            The oldest son and his family

            Desert dwellers in Arizona

            Two flown from the nest

            And one with a driver’s license 

Anna and Mark II with Marissa and Jeremy

            The daughter and her family

            A forever family by adoption

            On the cusp of an empty nest

            Texans with an eye on Oregon 

Mark I and Kelly with Hayden, Hannah, Sam, Ben, and Owen

            The youngest son and his family

            Home now in Hattiesburg where

            College kids return

            And little boys play 


If this were all

            My tree and my heart would be full.


Yet I add memories in ornaments   

            Places we’ve lived, especially Germany

            Trips we’ve taken, including the fifty states

            School children I taught

            One career set in school and writing

            Another in the military and post office

            Extended family and friends


More than enough in Christmas treasures –

My tree, like my heart, overflows.