Crystal Kite Award

Only on a special occasion do I blog about the same book twice, and seldom am I later than early morning doing my post. This is a special occasion, and I had to wait for the press release before I could tell! I first blogged about Hurricane Boy by Laura Roach Dragon on March 10, 2014 when it had its debut.

Now it has won the Crystal Kite Award. These awards come from members of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (the longest name of any organization to which I belong and lovingly called SCBWI for short). Normally, one award is given in each of fifteen regions, but in this case, there will be two since there was a tie in the final vote from Mid-South Region.

Books published in 2014 by a list of recognized children’s and young adult publishers are eligible. Voting is done by members of the organization so the award is given by one’s peers, much like the Oscars. Authors are prohibited from active campaigning although they are allowed to remind their friends to vote. Anything resembling spamming disqualifies the author and book. Since the Mid-South region covers Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, and Louisiana, the original list was long. (I know – Kansas and Missouri in the Mid-South? All I can say is, I did not make the divisions. But it’s no worse than football’s new configuration of the Southeast Conference.)

What does Laura get for this? A big round of applause and several hugs at the announcement during our local meeting last Saturday when we were sworn to secrecy, an engraved Crystal Kite Award (some hinted that it had only been handled with white gloves to prevent any tarnishing of its beauty), and a silver sticker for her winning book.

And why am I blogging about this book a second time? Not because her autograph in my copy ends with “ . . . I couldn’t have done it without you.” I wouldn’t want to seem proud. Okay, so I am proud, but I’m also giving you a heads up on an award winning book in time for you to read it on the tenth anniversary of Katrina on August 29 – the storm that started the story in Laura’s head.