May's Music

I have an answer to James Russell Lowell’s question from The Vision of Sir Launfal, “What is so rare as a day in June?” He claims “Then, if ever, come perfect days.”

This May had an equally “so rare” – and perfect – day.

  • ·         No looming deadlines except two books, Olive’s Ocean by Kevin Henkes to be finished before our Children’s Book Group and Keeper by Kathi Appelt to be read and passed along to a good friend
  • ·         The symphony of rain on the patio’s tin roof, the music ebbing and flowing with the intensity of the showers, accompanied by the pickety-plop drumming of raindrops into the puddles
  • ·         The new porch swing’s rhythm in time to the beat
  • ·         A visual break for the eyes, looking out through the curtain of water flowing off the roof to the spring greens of the trees and golden day lilies lining the yard
  • ·         Guilt free pleasure taking it all in, as I keep repeating – part of the job of a writer is to be a reader
  • ·         Remaining joyfully on task all day as I completed two great stories


I’ll see the beauty of Lowell’s day in June and match it with the magical music of May.