It Could All Go Wrong

Discovering my jasmine blooming in January made me first anxious and then philosophical. Noticing the new blooms just as winter weather predictions finally showed up, brought questions. Would they be ruined by the freeze? Even worse, would the plant be killed?  Quickly, I realized my worry over what could go wrong had me breaking one of my childhood declarations of things my mother did that I would never do.

Mama had trouble anticipating a pleasant trip or event on the horizon for fear that she would be disappointed. She left me frustrated when she wouldn’t discuss an upcoming trip because “something might happen” that would keep us from going. I love anticipation. I’ve held to my childish declaration and opted to enjoy a prospective journey, knowing I may have to figure out how to cope with disappointment if it comes.

Life itself has an endless list, some much bigger than trips or individual events, that could go wrong – or right:
•    marriage
•    children
•    vocation choices
•    home locations
•    whether to follow one’s dreams . . .

For writers, there’s the recurring item of whether to submit that manuscript.

I got my camera and took a few pictures of the jasmine and devoted some time to taking in the aroma before coming in to do some research on the plant. It turns out that while some are deciduous, others stay green and bloom in the winter. Maybe mine is one, and I just don’t remember it blooming in January last year. If not, at least I had the joy for the day and will have the pictures. As I look at the life list, mine has gone right more often than I had any right to expect, and I am grateful.

As for the manuscript I’m putting in the mail this week, maybe it will find a home. If not, I’ve had the joy of living with its characters for a time.