Resolutions I Won't Be Making

Eating Oatmeal – Mama fed it to us almost every morning [nutritious and cheap], and I hated it every day. I promised myself never to eat it when I had grew up – a promise I have kept. The only exception I make is if the oatmeal is in a cookie with nuts and raisins.

Reducing My Intake of Coffee – According to Good Housekeeping Magazine’s medical authority, coffee has more antioxidants than spinach, blueberries, and orange juice. Other authorities also say it helps prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. [I wasn’t going to make this resolution anyway, but this makes it sound like a health decision.]

Giving Up Chocolate – Dark is my favorite kind, and we all know how good that is for you.

Using the Dining Table for Dining – There are other places to eat, and since the table is handy to my office, it holds stacks with research, works-in-progress, how-to piles, etc. While it may not look organized to the naked eye, I pretty much know what is in which stack.

Removing the Weeds [AKA Wildflowers] from My Garden – Queen Anne’s Lace reminds me of my church wedding bouquets where my mother used it as filler in her arrangements. The purple coneflower sprouts and expands on its own, but the goldenrod is there because I grabbed a few seeds from ones growing along the road and flung them there on purpose! If it's pretty, it stays.

Keeping a Spotless House – Really, what’s the point? I’ve been to a lot of funerals and never once heard in a eulogy, “She kept a spotless house.” I try to keep mine clean enough to meet health standards.

Going Shopping More Often – Shopping as a sport lost its pizzazz when my favorite partner grew up and went away. [Yes, Anna, you can actually be the favorite here.]

Taking Life More Seriously – I can be serious when I must [ask my children or former students for proof], but looking for the funny side makes life much more enjoyable – another thing I learned from my father.

Cutting Back on Reading Time – Ha! I even have a good excuse for this one. Every how-to book I’ve read on becoming a writer says if you are going to be a writer, you must first be a reader. So when you catch me with my feet up, cup of coffee and dark chocolates on hand, engrossed in a good book – I am actually working.Just a few of the books awaiting my attention...